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Reduce Your Network's Total Cost of Ownership

A modern, software-only security environment is proven to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for broadcast networks. It eliminates costs related to maintaining and replacing smartcards, including truck rolls, card logistics, and cost of churn. Cardless security is also bandwidth efficient by nature, which reduces operational overhead.


Minimize Disruptions as You Evolve

Simulcrypting allows your network to adapt to the evolving market at your own pace by minimizing operational and technical efforts. You can continue to deliver and support traditional broadcast services with confidence, while adapting to market changes.


Modernize Your Network and Enhance Security

Advanced broadcast security offers flexibility, enhances end user experience, and simplifies the migration to hybrid and two-way services. Verimatrix VCAS solutions enable premium UHD/4K service delivery, harmonized ABR security, and instant set-top box key and entitlement downloads.

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Verimatrix VCAS Solutions


VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid

This future-proof solution enables operators to transition from a broadcast network to a comprehensive, IP-centric, multi-network service.

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VCAS 5 for DVB

Modernize your one way network to be more cost-effective and easier to implement, with an improved end user experience.

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Get Started Quickly with Proven Processes

"Cap & Grow" to Propel Your Network Forward

With a cap and grow set-top box strategy guided by Verimatrix and proven in more than 100 deployments, you will avoid common pitfalls, reduce the strain on internal resources, and mitigate risks to your incumbent legacy security solution.


Integrated with a Wide Range of Partners

Verimatrix VCAS solutions are integrated with a long list of set-top box and chipset vendors. This means you’ll have the freedom to select the components that best fit your network’s needs, goals, and price points.


Partner with a Trusted Leader in Simulcrypt

Verimatrix offers unparalleled expertise and proprietary simulcrypt processes to ease integration and set-top migration, and ensure operational continuity.


Guiding Industry Leading Operators through Migration

Leverage Cloud and Subscription-Based Pricing Models

Only Pay for What You Use

Subscription-based pricing models vs. perpetual licenses allow you to leverage usage-based consumption. This means you will only pay for what you use each month, instead of over-provisioning and overpaying.


Stay on Top with Future-Proof Security

As technology evolves and content security moves toward software-based approaches, invest in solutions that will bolster your bottom line in the connected future. Ensure that your network is always up-to-date with new software and that you comply with the latest standards.


Free Up Internal Resources

VCAS deployments in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud enable auto scaling to meet traffic needs without requiring intervention or maintenance from your team. Verimatrix’s Global and Cloud Operations teams remotely manage the platform, reacting quickly to market and audience shifts.


An Unparalleled Ecosystem of Chipset Partners

Why Verimatrix


Award-Winning Content Protection

Verimatrix is a pioneer of VCAS security. With our deep understanding and expertise in  inherent two-way connections, we offer solutions you can trust. Verimatrix was recently named a Momentum Leader in Omdia's 2020 Content Security Scorecard.  


Driving Trust for More Than 20 Years

As industry experts with two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day. Our proven processes of migrating one-way network operators to hybrid platforms


Security That Grows with Your Network

Verimatrix VCAS solutions were designed to provide a seamless migration as networks enhance their security to prepare for the connected future. Leverage proven, future-proof content security solutions that scale seamlessly as you grow.